Saturday, November 3, 2012

Lion Fort - Sinhagad, Pune

The first thing that comes to my mind when weekend approaches is, "Wassup, wassup for weekend".
I start looking for visiting new places, treks, temples on top :)

If nothing works or no one accompanies, i always have DR plan, thats Sinhagad, the lion fort.
I have been to Sinhagad Fort more number of times than all my other trips combined, and also Sinhagad was my first trek after i moved to Pune.
I don't get bored because of its charming whether, the trek, kanda baji, pitla bakri available on top.

Its better to start in early hours, to avoid the crowd.

Drive: on the way, one gets to see Khadakwasla Dam. Many resorts are adjacent to Khadakwals river.
Travel, to top : By ghat road, approximately 10kms, there are many jeeps plying between base village Donje and Sinhagad fort.

View Driving directions to Aatekar Vasti, Maharashtra in a larger map

Trek : The trek to sinhagad top will be very nice in monsoons, its not too difficult.
On a scale on 1-5[diffucult], i rate it somewhere around 2.5.
On the way to trek you find many small vendors selling tea, lemon water, water, biscuits,etc.
Many people trek, do cycle to sinhagad. Some for fitness, some for fun.
See the pics below,i recommend everyone nearby pune to visit Sinhagad atleast once.

Found website details funny, near village Donje.

A view from base

A view from Road Way

Panaroma from sinhagad

Panaroma of Sinhagad from distant village,

A moment for life time, On Sinhagad

Sunset from Sinhagad.

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