Monday, June 9, 2014

Lambri Trek - Himachal

Lambri is a hill in Tirthan Valley, altitude might be some 9,000 ft.
This is not a popular destination, in fact doesn't even have a road to base village Jamala.

Lambri Trek Route:
Gushaini - Sarcha Village - Jamala Village - Lambri.

We started at around 7AM, took vehicle and went to Sarcha.
Got to see some most spectacular sunrise from mountains.

Mighty Peaks
There are almost no plain lands in Himachal

Subash is the guy whose co-ordinated and organized this,we stayed at Rittam's place in Jamala.

Towards Lambri
Sarcha is a small village which is some 19Kms by road(under construction).
Villagers use the trek route daily which is 7Kms, which we can't even think of.
No wonder poeple there are so strong and don't fall sick.

Small hill top villages, Jamala and Sarcha
After Sarcha comes Jamala, which is just 2Kms away.
Reached at around 9AM, got to Rittam's place.
Rittam's place has big wooden house, which can accomodate few guests.
Had a nice chat with Rittam's family, big un-divided family.
Chat went right from village matters till politics, was a nice social trip too for us.

Beautifully built wooden houses in Jamala
Had heavy breakfast and moved, Jamala is the last village on the way.
The trek completely goes through dense forests, it's very risky to go without local villagers help.

The village kids are very much fond of us and gadgets we are carrying.
They want to take photos, use mobiles, cameras, had fun time with kids.
Few want us to play cricket with them, they made their own bats and using old stuffed socks for balls.

High Altitude Cricket

The forests here hosts a wide variety of birds and animals.
If you are a bird lover , you will get to see and hear beautiful birds.

You might get to see some cheetah, tigers also.
We are not that lucky, just saw some remains of cows and goats eaten by wild animals.

These forest are very good source of herbs and medicinal plants.

Morel Mushroom, Rs.40K per KiloGram
Didn't know that time, else would have been there few more days to cover travel expenses

High rise pine trees

On the way, while we are taking photos and playing in fresh snow.
Rittam was collecting some plants, leaves, mushrooms, which are used to cure common problems like stomach ache, fever, etc.

The trek is awesome, as we got to stay in villages and experience real Himachal Pradesh.
Below are the pics

Nature Hues

Negotiating steep Climbs of Lambri.

Lambri Summit

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