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Tirthan Valley - Himachal

Tirthan Valley, one of the beautiful and not-so-know off-beat locations of Himachal Pradesh.

Reach :
Delhi - Chandigarh - Aut - Banjar - Gushaini
Aut is 30 Kms short of Kullu, buses ply between Aut and Banjar/Gushaini.
Gushaini is also know for the entry into GHNP.

Panaroma of Tirthan Valley
Gushaini, is a small village not so different from many in Himachal Pradesh.
What makes it special is, its not crowded, peaceful, nice places, waterfalls and small treks nearby.

Raju's Cottage:
And if you want to have wonderful family trip, do visit Raju's Cottage.
The place itself is a an experience, Raju Bharti,Varun(raju's son) looks into the cottage.

This is how one reach Raju's Cottage
Tirthan River

It's a small hotel across the river amid apple/cherry orchard.
Wholly built with wood and every room hosts hundreds of books, room warmers.
All rooms are equipped with beds, geysers, woolens giving a splendid view of surroundings.

Dining hall, loved the experience.
They have one big dining hall, everyone has to come there for lunch/dinner.
You meet lot of interestng peple from all over the world here.
And the bonfires , no need to explain, chats go till mid-night with true strangers.

I met some  interesting people, one of them answered "I'm from this world" for where are you from.
Had a nice conversation with that guy, still don't know where he is from, but I do remember his stories/experiences from across the world.
Met an assistant director, a script writer, architecture students, etc, etc.

Dining Hall
Check the video of Dining Hall.

They have very adorable dogs , where ever you go the dogs will accompany you all times.

Place we stayed

Bonfire at night
Complete Video of Raju's Cottage:

Other places nearby :


This is not a "city park", this is a National Park.
Recently GHNP has applied for world heritage status, and is being looked into.
If you are planning to visit make sure you have necessary permits, there are no hotels inside.

A view of mighty peaks of GHNP
Planning for a trek, make sure you all equipments right from ration(cooking) to tents.
You can hire a porter to carry all your stuff, costs are some 1500/person.

Varun, can organize treks to GHNP with local guys.
GHNP is huge and area is that of whole Mumbai.
There are many treks in GHNP varying from 1-10days.
The mighty Pin Parvati trek starts from GHNP.


There are a couple of waterfalls nearby, Village Nagin, 5Kms from Gushani.
You can take a nice walk and trek to visit waterfalls.
The place is so beautiful, calm and serene, there were no one other than us.

Nearby waterfall

Nearby waterfall
Temple Trek:
There is a small temple on the hill, you can go there for a nice half day trek.
You can do this even on a sunny afternoon also, the trails go all through tree shades.

Hill top Temple

View of temple from Gushaini Village

Dogs were all the time with us.


You can find Troute Fish in tirthan and other himalayan rivers.
Varun can get you required permit and euipment for fishing.


Varun can arange cycles on request, you can go around and roam.
You can goto Jalori from here, its a 65Kms tough route.
Prior cycle riding experience really helps.

If anyone wants to visit I can share local contacts on request, drop a comment.

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